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Published on 7 February 2024 at 14:05

Visit of HE Archbishop Gregorios in September 1989

The head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Great Britain has pledged to lead the search for a new base for his Cleveland flock. Forced out of their former home, Holy Trinity Church, Stockton, by vandals who caused £20,000 worth of damage, the families now meet at St John The Baptist Church, Durham Road.

His Eminence, Archbishop Gregorios, on his first visit to Stockton, said: "I came to see the people, encourage them and reaffirm we are always thinking to assist them and hope very soon we will be able to find our spiritual home somewhere."

The Archbishop's trip has also included visits to churches in Newcastle and Durham, the monastery in Whitby and talks with the Bishop of Middlesbrough, the Rt Rev Augustine Harris.

The Cleveland congregation's church secretary Mrs Loula McNiholas paid tribute to St John's, saying: "We are grateful to them, but our aim is to have a base of our own where we can have the traditional service."

Welcome: Archbishop Gregorios (second right at back) is presented with flowers by Stavroula Georgiou when met by the congregation.

Back row: Mr Andreas Georgiou, Fr George D. Dragas (?), unknown priest, Fr Ephrem Lash, HE Archbishop Gregorios, Mr Andreas Pallis

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Mrs Loula McNichols, church secretary:

"Our aim is to  have a base of our own where we can have the traditional services."

On the photograph below Mrs Loula McNichols is pictured amid the wreckage at Stockton's Greek Orthodox Church following a devastating attack by vandals which caused £20,000 of damage 1990 - from TeessideLive.

Church of the Holy Trinity, Stockton

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